"Tell Her Tonight" lyrics - LUIS FONSI

"Tell Her Tonight"

Better get dressed
There's no time to waste gotta pick her up by eight
I'm a little bit nervous what I feel inside is something that can't wait
Don't hesitate don't leave her alone in the dark
I wanna feel the beat of your heart

Tell her she is your girl
The only one for you in this whole world
Kiss her and whisper the moment is right
You're gonna love her for the rest of your life
Tell her tonight'
Tell her tonight'

There she is giving me that smile
The one that drives me wild
Oh, she touches my hand
I have to tell her now
No matter how the words come out
So take your time, (so take' your time')
Don't hesitate once your start
And you feel the heat of your heart

'Cause there's a reason why the moon has gathered
Every star up in the sky tonight is more than perfect to let her know'

[Chorus 2x:]
Tell her she is your girl the only one for you in this whole world
I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life
Tell her tonight'