"Anybody" lyrics - MAGGIE ROGERS


Everybody's waiting
For their one and only
Their now and always

And everybody's waiting
For their feet to lead them
Heart beats to seize them

But what's running through my veins
Makes me just the same as everybody
I might be saying this in vain
But I'm looking for my anybody

People have always told us
That the silence heeds us
The night decrees us

But I believe that silence
Is all there is to
What's underneath us

And if you're staring at my bones
They are all the stories I embody
And you've got stories of your own
Tell me will you be my anybody

And I am asking so someday
When I get older
That I will be able to say
That I am not alone

Be my anybody
Be my anybody

But till then I'll be waiting
No, not by myself, but with everybody
'Cause hidden in the silence
Is my one and only anybody