"Blood Ballet" lyrics - MAGGIE ROGERS

"Blood Ballet"

Say it's not so
Say your heart it wrote me letters all the time
Say it sealed them up and with your breath did sign
Them all away

Say that your notes
They were no forgery, you meant them every line
Some in meter, some in verse, and some in rhyme
Tell me you meant every word

You could cut my knees and leave me at the door
I'd still pick all your memories off our dusty floor
If you'd stay

Darling, just a little while

Tell me how you are
And I'll write a song for every feeling I can't name
Like we were dancing in a fucking blood ballet
It was a massacre

And how'd you get away
'Cause oh, good heavens we abided by the night
But there are darker things than the absence of light
And they still creak through our halls

I would build a city out of you and me
There would be crime, but still a local grocery
If you'd stay

Darling, just a little while