"I Dream" lyrics - MARCO HIETALA

"I Dream"

I am a wraith, I'm a slayer and I have no one left to slay
I am at the end of the road, a road that led me astray
Your life should not be wasted, if you're not ready to die yet
Until the soil falls upon you, you shouldn't meet your death

The ghosts and wounds become one
Longing to be whole in the slow fade to black of a lost soul

If I had one I would gladly cut my heart out
But I can only dream on

The tide that swelled in my veins has gone dry with sand and rust
The salt and the heat of skin replaced by the kiss of dust
Below the rock it grows colder and colder still is the night sky
My hopes go up against the black space
Defiant little moths, they die

The wounds and ghosts become one in scars numb and old
There's no fiery deep nor gates of gold

I am the one, whose teeth I'd like to kick out
But I can only dream on

My bones drying up, lying numb to pain, they'll try to move in vain
No feasts or songs for a mouth that's rotting away
Why do I see the moon shining right through me?

The cold white moon
The bone white moon

I just wait for all these memories to fade out
So I wouldn't be dreaming on