"Our Man Walter Cronkite" lyrics - MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER

"Our Man Walter Cronkite"

Where are the arms of the world?
They've always been able to find us
Caught between borders and shores
Reaching past danger and blindness
My Mother wept over the headlines
The Beatles appeared in my dreams
"Hoo Boy" exclaimed our man Mister Cronkite
As the Eagle touched down on blurry TV

And where are the eyes of the world?
They've always been able to see you
Why did you give up and turn away
At the moment that so many need you
And the sight of children in cages
While dog whistles stink up the place
Everything's different but nothings much changes

Our Man Walter Cronkite would be on the case
And what will you miss when you're gone?
Lovers and songs and light ever-changing
And the sense that once you belong to something amazing
It was something amazing

Where is the heart of the world?
I always believed it could love me
It's one of those things without words
Like the sight of the stars shining above me
My Father rode trains Monday to Friday
His chin fell asleep on his chest
I carry what's left somewhere inside me

Our Man Walter Cronkite has gone to his rest
Our Man Walter Cronkite is gone