"As We Wait To Die" lyrics - MASSACRE

"As We Wait To Die"

From the break of d awn and deep into the night
The bloodshed rages on
Banished to a world of hatred
Defending honor's what we know
Survival plan uncalculated
The risks severely high
Erratic thoughts cannot prepare
As we wait to die

Fierce strikes all around
Barrage of explosions the crippling sounds
Screams of horror fill the air
Carnage and mayhem no one will care

Stifled from catastrophe
The body cold and numb
Everywhere's an enemy
There's no place left to run
Shackled to this misery
Punished we know not why
Begging for an end to come
As we wait to die

Anger and despair calling from the grave
Lives have been lost that could have been saved
Fists are clenched with fury lashing at the sky
Tears of the fallen hollow echoes of their cries

From the break of dawn and deep into the night
This struggle never ends
Lost within these lands of hatred
And the message that it sends
Our purpose has gone unfulfilled
Endangered are the lives
The greatest powers turn their head
As we wait to die