"Shield Of The Son" lyrics - MASSACRE

"Shield Of The Son"

The quest to conquer a feat so divine
Raiding in madness a sickness entwined
To rule in blood and all it defies
Attack by land and sea under darkened skies
Within the shadows are liars in wait
Commanding with fury pillage with hate
Nowhere to hide, slaughter has begun
Unprotected by the shield of the son

Embracing honor pleasing their lord
Bring forth treasures, the richest of gold's
No remorse merciless to their cries
Obliterating extinction by fire
Extermination overthrow of the weak
Eradicating impending future is bleak
Vengeance ascending, the wicked has won
Unguarded by the shield of the son

Swing of the axe, slash of the blade
Convictions of judgment the power embraced
Destruction with force, pariah defaced
Erase from existence for choosing their faith

Devastation, mayhem, despair
Decimation of the king's lair
Out of the darkness fears come to life
Skirmish unveiled blitzkrieg arise
Onslaught assault the breaking of tides
Bloodshed a crusade ripples in time
History shows time and again
Those filled with greed meet a violent end

Shield of the son