"Colorado Springs Eternal" lyrics - MATTHEWS' SOUTHERN COMFORT

"Colorado Springs Eternal"

Seems to me that I've been floating on the wind
Just a drifting seed, looking for some place to be
Eastern air blows cold, I never did learn how
To exist alone, with no love to harbour me
I've tried on my own, now each way leads back home
I think of

Colorado Springs
There rooted in the Rockies, where the red stone glows
In the garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs
Ride the Rock Island Rocket, from Chicago through Missouri
To the shadow of Cheyenne
Colorado Springs eternal in my mind
Colorado Springs eternal in my mind

Turning in my bed these humid summer nights
I have seen a face, like a vision haunting me
Strange we never learned to know each other well
Yet in dreams she calls, And I hear her constantly
I must find the fare and pray that she's still there
Back home in

Colorado Springs...