"Once Upon A Lifetime" lyrics - MATTHEWS' SOUTHERN COMFORT

"Once Upon A Lifetime"

Once upon a lifetime, but many years ago
A favoured minstrel travelled far, his seeds he had to sow

In search of giving all he had, as yet trapped deep inside
His wings were spread, forever casting past events aside

He came upon a traveller who informed him very soon
Of where to search and what to say, and how to sing his tune

Before the leaves began to fall his voice was heard and known
And everywhere he travelled now his seeds were being sown

The flowers of spring were blooming when a shadow overcast
And mighty rains fell from the sky, it seemed that all was lost

Before him in his hour of need the traveller then appeared
And begged him not to give up the fight, the harvesting was near

The minstrel laid his body down and breathed a long last sigh
A smile was formed upon his face and birds sung where he lay

And people came from far away their feelings for to show
Once upon a lifetime but many years ago