"Armies Of The Preposterous" lyrics - MESHUGGAH

"Armies Of The Preposterous"

The awe it instills
How grand this revolting spectacle
Beyond what we can fathom
So far detached from reason I quiver before it, I tremble
I see your vision, this bleak truth you contrive

Magnificent this vile display
The march of a recurring echo (Echo)
Jericho trumpets blaring, again they sound
And the old armies of the misled rebuild, reassemble

I will not swallow the bile
The putrid ideas you regurgitate

A conviction saturated with imbecility
Adopting the course of the blind
Unanimous in your revolting declaration
Conjured by offensive, feeble beehive minds

A pandemic, this contagion you embrace
The poison that seeps from your piteous souls
Armies of the preposterous, trapped in misguided thrall
Your mere existence shames us all

I will never assimilate your point of view
I see your vision, this bleak truth you contrive