"Light The Shortening Fuse" lyrics - MESHUGGAH

"Light The Shortening Fuse"

Blinded, gagged and bound by confirmation
On this premise we iterate a lie
Why will stay unasked
They know, we know, it doesn't matter

Barren hollow words, no information
We're led to believe in self-applied deceit
This trope of ignorance, disinformation
Made to confuse, to light the shortened fuse

Wading through the rubble of ideologies
Cherrypicking madness to the gospel of suckers
Sustenance for the greatest of ideas
Life is a machine, it will cater to me
Bow, serve, comply

Bared teeth, the lesson is complete
The stench of strange raw meat
Draw acolytes to feast
Rotting thoughts the treat

So who came up with your ideas
Before you spat them out like they were yours
Play the pawn, knowing where hope lies
Where it goes to die