"Commerical Break (Impractical Jokers "Torture")" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"Commerical Break (Impractical Jokers "Torture")"

[Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto & Brian "Q" Quinn]
Yeah, torture, mother fuckers
Torture, our version-our version of torture
That's right
I'll fuckin-I'll fuckin' fuck with your credit score and then I-what?
No, no
Not the credit score
That over the top?
Too extreme
Is that over the top?
I just got outta debt
Alright, so you know what then?
I fuckin'-I fuckin'-I fuckin' erase shit off your DVR without you even-
No? Are you serious?
We're saving that stuff!
Alright, alright, alright
What you got? What do you got?
Too much!
I'll fuckin'-I'll fuckin' log onto your wifi router and change the password
No, you can't do that!
Listen, that is a privilege, not a right
What is wrong with you?
You can do that shit, it's too much!
Guys-guys, I got it
I'll go to your fuckin' house, I will take you
I will fuckin' choke the shit out of you 'til you can't breathe anymore and I'll punch you in your fuckin' face 'til you start bleedin' and bleedin'
And I'll take that blood and I'll shove it down your fuckin' throat
And I'll rip open your asshole and stick my foot all the way up it
That's not bad, that's not bad, that's not bad
Torture, mother fucker