"Two More Mins" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"Two More Mins"

Meth Lab 2
Let's go

I'm underrated, no attention from under payment
I undertake 'em where underground is an understatement
These underages ain't understandin' I'm undegraded
Under my status, you'll see my picture, right, I'm the greatest
I'm compenstated, one composition, it's complicated
My competition, number two, but it's constipated
This unconditional, unconventional condemnation
It's to convince you to find your way out the conversation
I'm so amazin', break fast when most waitin'
The beef bakin', eggs is runny, my toast raisin'
Suppose I blaze 'em
A lot of haters and most hate 'em
Ain't gotta name 'em or name the city that don't claim 'em
And I don't blame 'em, ultimately there's ultimatum
It's all verbatim, these rappers finished before I say 'em
Before the mayhem, there was Method, see mother made 'em
But mother F 'em in every method his mother gave 'em
So many rappers to kill, where did the time go?
Might even be a friend of the family but you ain't mine, though
Choppa to the side of ya top, it'll let your mind go
Don't test that Big Poppa that you ain't Ready To Die for
Die hoe, it's Snow White sniffin', I kill you, heigh ho
Unless you're one of Destiny's Children, you won't survive, hoe
So many rappers to kill, where did the time go?
Might even be a friend of the family but you ain't-
Yo, look, who sippin' bones made from tiger?
Robbin' that vagina like the dream was made in China
Hard timer, son could be the shooter and the driver
Off the rack, find her like you see no Future in Desiigner
No disprect to either, I'ma rhymer
Give Aretha to Obama
Got a problem? give 'em Ether
I'm tryna smash once, you could keep her
I gave that trick the thumb, "bye Felicia"
My Method just as blunt as my Cohiba

Two more minutes