"Where's Method Man? (Skit)" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"Where's Method Man? (Skit)"
feat. Ed Lover

[Ed Lover]
Hot 9-7, blazin' hip hop and R&B this is your man
Dudu stayin' Ed Lover on the microphone blazin' hittin' you in your head
Yo that was a fat joint that was the Wu-Tang doo ha hoo ha hoo ha
Word up man, speakin' of the Wu-Tang, where the fuck is Method Man?
I mean goddamn how long is it going to take one nigga
To make another album? I mean come on I'm sittin' here
Scratching my balls, dog I'm thirsty

I got a big cup of Method Man lemonade right here nigga
I need to drink this shit, hit me with another album dog
Anybody seen this motherfucker? I mean somebody call me somebody
From Staten Island, Long Island, I don't give a fuck if you from
Worcester, Massachusetts, if you seen Method Man, get at a nigga
So I know wear he at man Meth, when you gonna do another album?

Mr. Tical, Johnny Blaze, Method Man, Ticalion, Stallion, Flallion Glallion
Whatever you call your fuckin' self, could you please hit these
Niggas with another album please? I bet you he somewhere getting
Blazed up with Redman, you know what Meth you don't want
To make another album ah you know what, you don't want to
Make another album, fuck you, whatever man