"You Play Too Much (Skit)" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"You Play Too Much (Skit)"
feat. Chris Rock

One two, one two, ladies and gentlemen, I am Chris Rock
With my man Prince Paul chillin in Brooklyn
It is my pleasure, it is my treat (mmm hmm), it is my honor
To introduce to you the man that needs no introduction
Of course he don't need an introduction
Or else you wouldn't have bought the god damn album (mmm hmm)
Ladies and germs get ready for the Ticallion Stallion (mmm)
A/K/A Johnny Blaze (mmm)
A/K/A The Iron Lung (mmm)
A/K/A Mr. Kincaid (Huh?)
A/K/A Mr. Weatherby (What the fuck?)
A/K/A Mr. Hankey (Huh[?])
A/K/A Mr. Tibbs (Hey yo, get that nigga off the stage now!)
A/K/A Marla Gibbs
*gun shots* OH MY BABY!!!
A/K/A The Say Hey Kid (Still goin... son of a bitch!)
A/K/A The Frisco Kid (Security! Release the hounds!!)
A/K/A Kid Dynamite (hey get that dog outta here!)
A/K/A Grandma Dynamite (Fuck that, release the dolphins out this muthafucker)
A/K/A Velvet Jones (not the dolphins!)
A/K/A JoJo Dancer (Fuckin deadarm him)
A/K/A Joe-ski Love
A/K/A Ron Hightower (Damn...)
A/K/A Heatmiser (Burn him!)
A/K/A Donny Brasco
A/K/A Donny Most
A/K/A Donny Osmond
(If you can't say it all just say Meth)