MOSE ALLISON lyrics - The Earth Wants You

"The Earth Wants You"
(Mose Allison)

If you feel neglected
By someone you love
Even get rejected
When push comes down to shove

You think nobody gives a damn
'Bout what you're goin' through
Well one thing you can count on
The earth wants you

You might think you're winning
When you're losing all the while
Even take to sinning
Just tryin' to be in style

Even 'tho you've found
A friend in you know who
Still you must consider that
The earth wants you

You might think you're stable
Just before you come apart
Think that you are able
When you really don't have the heart

You're feelin' all forsaken
Your dream has not come true
Well you can always rest assured
The earth wants you
The earth wants you