MOSE ALLISON lyrics - Who's In, Who's Out

"Who's In, Who's Out"
(Mose Allison)

Who's in, who's out
Who's gonna tell us
What it's all about...

Who's hot, who's not
Who's really happy 'bout
What they got...

Let's all get excited
About the party
To which we're uninvited

Who's out, who's in
Who's real now
And who has been...

Who's hot, who's cold
Who's turning garbage
Into gold...

Let's all go play hide an' seek
Here's to the victim of the week

Who's neat, who's yuck
Who's in the fast lane
Pressing his luck...

Who's real, who's jive
Who is the sexiest
Thing alive...

Tell me what they're wearing
Who's outfit is
The most daring

Who's thin, who's fat
Who's gonna raise
Your thermostat...

Who's cool, who's not
Who went to bed
With a bigshot...

Who needs better things to do
Could be me, and it could be you