"Reincarnate" lyrics - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

(Chris "Motionless" Cerulli / Drew Fulk / Mick Kenney / Motionless in White)

You pull the trigger just for fun
Forgetting I'm a loaded gun
So hate me for the things I've done, and not for what I've now become

I want this, I need this, I love it

Crawling from hell
Fallen from grace
And there is nothing left to take
Leaving the past to the grave
So we can reincarnate

You sit upon your throne of filth, condemning what you haven't built
So hate me 'cause you're standing still, watching while I shoot to kill

I live this, I breathe this, you crave it

There's one thing you forget
You can't make me play dead
I've swallowed your bullshit, no respect
You make me fucking sick

I won't bite my tongue
I am not afraid
Spineless, a dominion of nothing is all you will reign
You laugh, but what did you create?
Bitch, "You'd give a fucking aspirin a headache"

Crawling from hell
Fallen from grace
There's nothing left to take
Driving the nail
Through my mistakes
So we can reincarnate

We lie down
We're sore and sick
We fall down
Sink or swim

The remedy
For who we are
And what lies beneath