"Unstoppable" lyrics - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

(Chris "Motionless" Cerulli / Erik Ron / Motionless in White)

Through all that I've sacrificed
I'm numb but alive
So how much more do I have to bleed?

No Fear
I am the name thats under your breath
White teeth in the dark, the voice in your head
Embrace what is killing me

I will justify this pain
I will live another day
I will fight to earn my place
I will be unstoppable

Strength inside my veins
As I try to break these chains
Only honor will remain
We will be unstoppable

Through darkness I've seen the light
Tear down the walls and put me out of your misery
I know that I am the lie that keeps you divine
Sworn to the revery
I will smash my enemies

You wanted a war, you got one mother fucker
So bring the pain
You wanted a war, you got one