"12 Step Program" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"12 Step Program"

You say my life's spinning out of control
It seems never ending, I've heard it before
It's like a disc skipping
Pulling me towards the door

They've all tried to help me so give it a rest
Sometimes my life's better when it's all a mess
They've all tried to warn me, what should I do?
I just don't want more harassment from you

Can't help but notice this occurring fact
Of you just constantly jumping down my back

I know that you love me, you just want to help
But somethings are better handling myself
I'm aware you worry but please understand
If you keep pushing who know where I'll land

And I know things win't go good this time
Now I just need a little more time for me

Heard it so many times before
12 steps out the fucking door
Pushed too hard and now I'm just bored
12 steps out the fucking door