"Jesus Freaks" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Jesus Freaks"

Confidentially greeting
Me at my front door but something seems freaky
I glance on with intrigue
Curiosity building in what they believe

They pass on their info
I play like I'm hooked
I attend their sermons
I purchased their books
I play all the games I need to get inside
Because I know this church
Has got something to hide

Time passes quickly
Things growing stranger
The more that they trust me
Stumbled onto something
But not really sure it's what I want to see

This investigation once thought as my prank
Is uncovering some unspeakable things
I need to share this but who will believe
They'll come to kill me the second I leave

They're not human they're possessed
The more I'm learning the sicker it gets
Those who seek their secrets are hunter for fun
Not blood into wine they turn wine into blood!

Jesus Freaks
Come to your end
Jesus Freaks
Pray for death

I think they're on to me
Their attitudes changing
And the doors are closing
Congregation circling
And the preacher now is insanely smiling

I'm pushed towards the back room
And through a trap door
Surrounded by corpses that litter the floor
There's no way out and no where to run
No way I'm leaving this room with my blood

Say I'm nosy
It can't be so
Some things are better just being unknown
I'll pay for this lesson when my veins are drained
A blood-sucking cult led by the deranged

Jesus Freaks
Come to your end
Jesus Freaks
Pray for death