"Born To Party" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Born To Party"

Some say we drink too much
They say we're just not cool
Well I fucking like to party
It's what I was born to do!

Blazing through your last case
Smoking your weed
Smashing you face!

Hey man this party sucks
They're all out of beer
How can we party down?
There's no weed here
On to the next one
We'll have a good time
Hanging with ScottyRoo
Committing tank crimes!

Onward to your next case
Smoking your weed
Smashing your face
(Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up) [9x]

[Secret Song]

Sometimes I chill like a bitch sometimes
And other times I just chill
I like the way you look tonight
And I like the way your skin feels
Touch me so tender touch me not
Touch me twice your skin is hot

Touch me now
Come on baby you can do it tonight
Touch me now
I know you can baby its alright
Touch me now
'Cause I'm feeling everythings alright
Touch me now