"I Just Wanna Rock" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"I Just Wanna Rock"

I just wanna rock
Pounding fists are to the sky
Smoke machines and fire
Music blaring towards the crowd
40 foot tall banner
Laser lights flash through your eyes
Hanging from the wires
And you know we like it loud

I just wanna rock
Marshall cabs stacked to the roof
Whiskey, Jagermeister
Electric guitars will pound
Endless beer supply

We'll never stop and here's the proof
Straight from Budweiser
And you know we like it loud!

Sold out shows
Buy our ringtone
You can own our clothes
For forty five bones

It's marquee time pyrotechnics
Better spell our name right
Or you'll get your throat slit

Dressing room time moist towelettes
You screwed up our deli tray
And expect us to eat this?
Back stage time laminates better
Keep our beer cold and our cigarettes lit
Tour bus time no solids
You dumped in our can and now we have to smell it!
I just wanna rock tonight!