"Looking For The Time (Workin' Girl)" lyrics - NANCI GRIFFITH

"Looking For The Time (Workin' Girl)"

Well, I work this corner from eleven to five
The hands get cold around midnight
You're askin' me if I've got the time... well I don't know
But you're wastin' mine tonight

Whoa... you say you're looking for the time
Well, I'm a workin' girl... you just wasted mine
If you ain't got money... take it down the avenue
'cuz I ain't got time for you... until daylight

This sidewalk ice is cold as steel...
I'm not Dorothy... I can't click my heels
One of these days I'll move to L.A.
Where the nights stay warm and the boys come out to play


Don't the snow light up the midnight sky
The snow plows roll and the limos fly
Don't cha know it's just another night

Oh, once I had a lover who treated me right
He lived so wrong he's doin' ninety-nine
Oh, I wish you had the money and I had the time
'Cuz I'd just let those limos slide on by

[Chorus 2x]