"One Of These Days" lyrics - NANCI GRIFFITH

"One Of These Days"

We walk along the Hudson when it snows here in Manhattan
Seems we've lived our lives so out of place
You touch my cheek and I do wonder how this happened
That two young lovers could pack their dreams and move from the Texas Plains

Oh, I'm gonna take us back where we belong
Where you can see it in the stars that the weather's comin' on
One of these days

Now, our Daddy's grew cotton... spittin' dust of a mornin'
We met on a school bus rollin' thru the Autumn fields our Daddy's raised
Beneath a hot August sky... our Mothers waved goodbye
My Daddy tipped his hat with a tear in his eye
When we left for the city where the sun rarely shines
It was a hundred and two in the shade


Hey, do you wanna take a cab uptown?... watch the skaters go
'round and around
We could talk about leavin' this town some other day
And I suppose we look like natives here... this middle aged couple with silver hair
And on cold winter nights this love we share is still a hundred and two
In the shade