"Beautiful Life" lyrics - NAS

"Beautiful Life"
feat. Ravaughn

[Intro: Nas]
Peace y'all, yeah
This one right here goes to my most loyal, loyal, loyal, loyal ones
You for me and me for you
We see things alike
We live alike, in truth

[Verse 1: Nas]
The craziest things already happened, get me
Could tell you 'gon be laughing at me or you laughing with me?
My baby's mom made a book about me, she tried to out me
In Barnes & Nobles new release section she's confessin'
Now the streets guessin' the beefin' started over some woman
Couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth
Was she looking for fame? yo I hope she got it
Since then I been the object, gossip people tried to target
All women should bid
For keeping real fathers away from their kids
These rappers talkin' real shit I lived
How many been married, divorced, their ex lady wildin'
Hires a lawyer, judge awards 'em monthly eighty thousand
Stevie Wonder sent me word that he was in my corner
Blind but still sees the pain of a young performer
Used to be my rib thought it was 'til death do us
She married again and I'm wishin' all the best to her
Got me looking for my mother, all I see is suckers
She lookin' over me now sayin' don't trust 'em
Come on I'm livin', I don't need many to pray for me
Her bad, she wanna keep the kids away from their dad
Tell you lames something, spit some game
Planes carry me to Madrid, Spain, so why complain?
When you place blame, then you're defective
When you take blame, then you're respected
You gotta give me credit

[Chorus: RaVaughn]
Life is good, I must admit it
Ups and downs, we've all been through it
Ain't no other way to do it
Life is good, it's good, it's good

[Verse 2: Nas]
The craziest things just happened to me, get me
So now whatever happens next it probably won't affect me
How many people owe the feds, keep it real especially
If you an artist in this music game, the smartest ones get abused for their change
And my life is sex, super stardom, and stupid cash
So unpredictable not aware you could lose it fast
I signed my own checks, swore we paid the IRS
Somebody's stealin', I swear to God
Tsk, for now, I invest
To my incarcerated team who got life
It's not right but you still got your life
Rest in peace to Gil Scott from the kill or be killed blocks
Not from Philly but a nigga done hustled them hilltops
Commercial pop artists get all the accolades
I give a million cash away to be revered like Donny Hathaway
Probably not as half as paid as I should be
But I stay in some cars and stay in some pussy
It's a beautiful life
Beautiful life, beautiful life

[Chorus: RaVaughn, Nas]
Life is good, I must admit it (Yeah)
Woah (Beautiful life)
Ups and downs, we've all been through it
Woah (Life's still good)
Ain't no other way to do it
Woah (Yeah, yeah)
Life is good, it's good, it's good

[Verse 3: Nas]
A thin line from this gangsta life and rap stuff
I can say I never been punked, robbed, or smacked up
Proud to say I never been chased, jumped, or backed up
Or extorted for my pay stubs
Lucky or blessed from what prayer does
'Cause hey, I was riding in caravans with AK's and gloves inside 'em
And if I should spare that man who violated my trust
I gave him a pass
My man called and I value his judgement
I let it ride and thought no more of it, it's over
So if it's my turn to be on the other side of the gun
I'm granted my four leaf clover, no one's leaving me colder
'Cause I chilled and let you breathe, yes
Let's go our own ways and let the beef digress
I done seen insanity close up, schizophrenia shows up in most us
My younger brother knows this
Not Jungle, got another brother in PA
Spazzed on' em, hurt me to put hands on 'em 'til this day
I gotta say I got some fam across the USA
Cackalack to Kansas but my mans around the way had contacts
They was Spanish coppin' grams and cooking 'ye
Willie, Bo, blowing haze, Mayo next door
Joe, Martin, Slade, I'm solo these days
It wasn't my fault
I never knew the time of death and maturity would sever my crew up in New York
Barely survived
Large, I thank you for teaching me not to pop my letter P's in the booth
How to control my vocals and spit poetically smooth
Akinyele, you knew
I was your brother 'til death
Back when you put me on to NiQuay from Lefrak
You was a dime, we was nobodies
Say what's up to Shameek, send my love to Yadi
I pray we all get old if I never again go gold and sell tickets
We could all still kick it
It's a beautiful life
Beautiful life, beautiful life

[Outro: Nas]
Rest in peace to my brother Talik
Gone too soon
God bless your soul brother
He was wild
Some things we just can't explain
It's messed up how much time get wasted that you can't get back
With your kids at an early age
First steps, first words
I can't see 'em 'cause you mad
Don't put yourself before the babies
Don't say crazy things to hurt that man
You hurt him enough
The good times outweighed the bad
When it was good, it was great
But because I could see him now through the courts, you mad
Okay that's how it is out here
That's life huh
You see we can't be selfish out here
We gotta live and let love
Let the light in
To the beautiful mothers of my kids
And all the mothers around the world
Knight, Destiny
Life is good