"War Against Love" lyrics - NAS

"War Against Love"

Wassup, African?
Wassup, African?

Yo the Haiti, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada
The war is against love, we under attack
Paris, Pyar, St. Thomas, DR
The war is against love, who's busting back?
From New York to Botswana, London to Guyana
To every single African that's on the map
Yo, to Mexico, to Cuba, Iceland to Bermuda
The war is against love, we under attack

Scientists told us how the Mayans lived
Highways are landing strips for planes to land
Before the Wright brothers planned aerodynamics
Now I am chilling 20 karats like a savage
Not embarrassed
Buy what I'm copping while I'm shopping out in Paris
Parasites try to steal the culture (True)
While chem trails and satellites hover over
Feds is watching, real niggas ask this is so (Ask this is so)
Still the 5th is loaded (5th is loaded)
For these lawyers who be ripping soldiers off in court
They don't get em all, they just take your money and lie
Have you sitting up north (Foul)
Study the law (Word)
Get your appeal (True)
Soon you back on the street the shit'd get real (Facts)
They try to kill us off since the days of the brilliant Moors
May they ships pull up to the Sicilian shores
So I hustle more, ain't no justice for the poor
Got me feeling like middle fingers up, fuck the law
Bust a Dutchie open, liquor pour

Chicago yo, you know Chicago y'all know
The war is against love, we under attack (Yeah)
New Orleans, New Orleans to Queens
Yo the war is against love, who's busting back? (Me)
To Detroit (Yeah), St. Louis (Yeah, yeah)
To every hood in all the 50 states on the map (Map)
Chocolate city, North and South Philly (Philly)
Feel me, the war is against love, we under attack

I went from, semi-bummy nigga to money nigga (Ha)
Bike nigga to car nigga
Christ nigga to Allah nigga (Al?amdulillah)
Then I evolved, nigga (Yeah)
No religions, my commandments are my standards (Word)
A stand up man, no clowning, no snitching
Got a bid, I'm sitting down
Do the time, call it paying taxes
Living with my actions (Word), corners to the grave
Yeah, I'm on that wave
Yeah, I fornicate with fly bitches, horny ways
Just the way I was taught, though (Uh)
Can't tell if this is reality or just another award show?
These women be lost, so beautiful, so smart (Word)
But why can't we be heavenly? Don't think, use your heart (Yo' heart)
'Cause we could be so great, pray it's not too late
Put pride aside, coincide, I bet we both be straight
Straight to the top, side to side, twin Rolls Royces
We made choices to be devoted (Uh)
To go at those foes who come at us with upside down crosses

The war is against love, I ain't trusting that (Trusting that, uh, uh)
The war is against love, who's busting back? (Me, me, me, uh)
To all the 50 states, all across the map (The whole world, too)
USA and beyond (And beyond)
The war is against love, how will you react to that?

Yeah, tell you how I'm reacting
I'm strapped and ready, go all the way
The war is against peace
The war is against love
Yeah, know that