"Getting Married" lyrics - NAS

"Getting Married"

[Intro: Nas + crowd]
"Picture us married, you and me," what?
"I remember the first time, girl you and me..."

[Verse 1: Nas]
This ain't no sucka-for-love shit
This ain't no Huxtable-kisses-and-hug shit
First night we fuck, shit, and don't call the next day
This a thug's wedding day, in love
Will we make it? Let us pray
In the limo my niggas, my father, my brothers
Everybody in tuxes gettin' blunted
Hard bottles, mob costumes this ain't no act though
Factual, the pimp shall scoop no more
Yes I'm absolutely sure
I know that she love me, I know that she faithful
We spoke on a prenumptial agreement
'Cuz Will and Jada ain't need it
Spoke on eloping, but then I deaded the thought
'Cuz she deserves cinderella's ball and the whole shit
But know this
You fuckin' wit' a slit your throat quick
Vehicular explosion, cigar smokin', dark minded, chart climbin
Well spokin say farewell to broke men or rich ones
Throw them phone numbers away cuz this is it hun
Headed to the chapel, my niggas laughin, and its baffling
'Cuz just a year ago, it's weird though, I knew I'd get married
To who I knew not
Thought of snatchin Halle up from the dredlock
Pumpin Sade, my head nod
Finally I met the perfect bitch, pardon my French
Rephrase that, someone who make my heart stop
Couldn't wait to blaze that
Tired of hoppin' from honey to honey, HIV spreadin'
Everybody bump the same bunnies
The game, will put niggas in they grave
Right before they part ways, with the street
I want a son to greet, every mornin'
Daughters and more sons tickle my feet
Wife smilin, tellin me it's time to eat
I'm getting married

[Hook: Nas 3x]
Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigalo
It was difficult for me to find the chick I want

[Verse 2: Nas]
It was my dream for my queen to put the ring on and ride
Even Martin Luther King had a fling on the side
That's what the negative one's say
Knew my wedding would be one day, but quickly its this day
I know the hoes gonna miss me
Lookin' at ol' photos, sayin' damn he used to twist me
Start chokin' up since I woke up
Bachelor party was crazy, tryin' hard just to sober up
Father saw me in a daze, nudged me wit' his left arm
Told me how him and moms went to city hall, dressed norm
Said she would love me in my Ozwald Boateng
Customized in London by guys who suitup kings
Girl, you get the rings young, you behave
Maxwell he gon' sing, invited Lauryn Hill and the gang
Baltimore, North Cacky, Mississippi
Family packed in, My nigga L is crazy tipsy
Spilled Pepsi on the cuflings, ginger ale got it out
Walked in the church, chest all big to thug it out
My girl walked in, glistenin', different stones
'Bout to go from my fiance' to Mrs. Jones
That's a union that nobody could touch
I gotta be cool, wit ur crazy aunts and uncles
'Cuz I love you much, cuz you put up wit' my shit
Court cases, baby mamas
I make a honest woman outta you yet
Everybody starin' at you, I'm at the alter standin
Heart poundin out my chest like a canon
I'm happy, One of my groomsmen, under the music, says don't do it
But they just jokes, some crew shit, they playin', I'm gleeful
I'm stayin I'm sayin vowels all true
Will you take music as your wedded wife? I DO
Sike, this ain't about music, y'all know who I'm talkin to
I'm getting married


I'm getting married