"Remember The Times" lyrics - NAS

"Remember The Times"
(L. David Lewis / Nas / R. Stone)

I think I can remember some...

Brenda the back-bender used to have me in the twister
Grabbed her up and left her at the Buena Vista
Chelsea used to tell me choke her while I stroke her
Stuck a Heineken bottle up in the ass, a real joker
Used to run my bubble bath, tons of laughs, sexy chick
Nasty though, she used to try to eat my excrement
Used to play Atari 1200, baby-sitter made me kiss her
Put hickeys on her stomach
Toya was a tomboy 'til we played catch and screw
Had her out past her curfew, Sheila had this perfume
That drove a nigga wild, was a child then, Gertrude
Used to put my face in her crotch
Spun my tongue around in a circle while she watched
Eiserea knew I was a player, brought Fatima, loud screamer
While I blew clouds of reefer, they sucked juice out my uretha
While Marvin Gaye pumped from the speaker

Remember the times I hung with the dimes
Remember the times I fucked a few
Remember the times I hung with the dimes
And all the wild things I used to do
Remember the times I hung with the dimes
Remember the times I fucked a few
Remembering the times it was on my mind
But none of them could touch you

Was only scared of them STDs, syphilis, VD and herpes
Daffy Duck-lookin' bitch burnt me, correction
Urinary tract infection, what I got for no protection
Was a horny dog, mornings waking up with a log
Dick stuck to my draws, wet dreams in the mind
Of a one-of-a-kind sex fiend, Justine was luscious wanna cuff us when fucked us
Me and her best friend, this thick Texan named Tamika, English teacher
Wedding ring on finger, bent her big ass over the fold-out sofa
The weather was cold and Loretta would throw on nothing but a thong
Under the coat and
Put a show on just to show me she loved me
She would undress and wait in zero below weather
In slippers and a sun dress for me to arrive
Kept a freak in the ride with her head in my lap, the steering wheel's high


Thank God I got bank god, so fuck pimpin'
Fuck broke condoms, pills and penicillin
Abortion clinics, I was one of the best who did it
Lesbian shit, wheelchair girls and midgets
Twin sisters, cousins, mothers and daughters, some wasn't no quarters
Long chin, some with funny odors
Long blond weaves, overweight, cottage cheese
Some I paid college fees, then they strip tease
And it's sad I don't remember great times that made me drool
And the sex gave me flashbacks when I was like eww
Mature with it now dog, here's the side of Nas
Principles are lined up, things prioritized
Se mamma I left that alone, faded memories, the reason that I'm grown
It'd be senseless for us to lie about our old experiences, no longer
Are we tempted