"Piece" lyrics - NOFX


You fight for peace, but where's the war what the fuck are doing this for
You say disarmament thats the key well thats not the way it looks to me
You wear you leather jacket but you won't eat meat piece punk, get drunk
Sake you hair go out, hang out do you really care? There's no easy answers
Complaining won't do shit if you want some changes, don't be a hypocrite
Fuck the system thats what they say but they live by it everyday food stamps
And welfare checks would you rather starve to death you wear your leather
Jacket but you won't eat meat piece punk, get drunk, sake your hair go out
Hang out, do you really care don't you feel ridiculous now! half your
Wardrobe comes from a cow do you believe in anarchy? Who are you
Really trying to be?