"Already Dead" lyrics - PARQUET COURTS

"Already Dead"

Dead, forgot how long it's been
A dusty trunk where you can find your junk ruined
I'm already dead
Alarm clock in my head
That's just who I am
A broken dial you watch
When you're sleeping in
Torn up beyond repair
I'm laid out threadbare
I'm wash-stained clothes that's filled with holes
That can't be sewn
My thoughts are rocks upstairs
Bones are just mortar for my organs
Because I'm already

[Female spoken voice:]
With your eyes open, or your eyes closed
Take a moment to connect with where you are
Feel your feet on the ground
Without looking at anything at all
Just listen
Rest with a sense of hearing
Experience the show of sound
That is happening around you right now
Life in stereo
Allow the instruments into your globe of sound
And when the next part comes along
Let it be there
Without engaging, just listening to the sounds
And wish them well as they pass on through

My blood's all filled with lead
A crooked leaky cup to keep your pencils in
I'm already dead
A landfill here I said
Really got no place
I'm just some waste compressed
I'm already dead