"Two Dead Cops" lyrics - PARQUET COURTS

"Two Dead Cops"

Framed plant portrait
On the wall
Christmas commercial
How many times?
Someone shouted
"Last call"

And I know he means it
At least this night

Stained white sweater
Flourescent light
One quarter short
"Get me next time"
Somebody shouted
"Get outside"

And we fell in rank to
Watch him bolt by

"Where the fuck is he?"
"Down the stairs"
"What did he look like?"
"Dark and tall"
Somebody shouted
"They had it coming!"

Bang! -

Protect you
Is what they sayt, but
Point and shoot
Is what they do
When shots are heard
When lives are lost
Nobody cries in the ghetto
For two dead cops
Off duty portrait
Cracked from the cold

Guadalupe candle
No permit for fire
Bears holding hearts
And some a rose
Said a police bastard
"We lost two lives"
G train delayed
"What else is new
B 43 dead
"Called a car"
Tompkins is blocked
And there's helicopters,
Floodlights, and guards.

Somebody follows you
Home in the dark
Can't look back
All the gates are down
He could do anything
There's no one around
Plant a bag in my pants.