"I Never Stopped Loving You" lyrics - PATTI LABELLE

"I Never Stopped Loving You"
(Alex Brown / Sami McKinney / Kenny Moore)

I've done a lot of things
In my life and times I've
Found the answer yo some
Questions that were heavy
On my mind every fantasy
Ceased to be a mystery to me
I've done a lot of things
That I've lived to regret
But all the moves I've made
Were not enough to help me forget
In solitude I find
Your kiss stays on my mind
After all this time

I never stopped loving you
I only did what I had to do
Though we've been so far apart
You keep your place in my heart
I never stop loving you

I shared a part of me with you
I let you touch that secret place
Inside my hungry heart
That didnt get enough I just
Cant forget what was so perfect
In you
Your scent, your touch, your kiss
Your everything stayed in my memory
And I keep my yearning to share some smiles
Again like we did back then my old friend


God only knows how far I would go
To get back together with you
Do you suppose we could bloom
Like therose when it kissed
By early mornings dew