"This Word Is All" lyrics - PATTI LABELLE

"This Word Is All"
(Carol Duboc / Patti LaBelle / Sami McKinney)

My life has meaning now
Since you came
I've been changed in so
Many ways
I'm feeling free
And my lifes a song
Theres no other way to describe
What it is that
Your kiss does to me
You give good love to me
Satisfy all my needs
You make me feel so alive

This word is all
I have to say
I love you every way
All that I have
And all I can't hold back
With a feelin' like that

When you are gone and
This feeling comes on
I'm content all alone
Till you come back home
This word is all
You are the one for me
I'd give anything
Just to keep you satified
You shared with me so
And I'll never take you for granted
Your heart
You are the piece of mind

That seemed so hard to find
And I never want to let you go



I've been in love before
And you know I really thought
That I had it all
Til I met you then I knew
I never had the meaning of love
Of love
Til I found you

This word is all
Theres no holding back
With these feelings I have

Just hold me
You know me
And all that I need
Love, love
I never knew love like this
I never knew what I'd missed