"Love Never Dies" lyrics - PATTI LABELLE

"Love Never Dies"
(Patti LaBelle / Clarence McDonald / Sami McKinney / Michael Thomas)

Looking at these photographs
I contemplate the way life used to be
I see my family
And I think of the good times
We would share
What a joy to have you there
I never thought we'd have to say goodbye

Time passed and you were gone
Though it's hard, I carry on
Because I know...

Love never dies
Your laughter will remain here in this heart of mine
To ease away the pain, I miss you so
But I've learned to smile again
Love never dies

Sometimes I catch myself talking to you
As if you were standing here
Sometimes I shed a tear
'Cause you're a special part of me
Living in my memory, giving my soul wings
So I can fly
While it's true I had to grieve
In my heart I do believe we'll meet again


Lately everything I do,
I can't help but think of you
You're the energy that pulls me through
And though you're gone, your love
Your laughter lead me on to my destiny
I can see you paved the way for me


While I'm sad and feeling blue
All I have to do is think of you
You're the light that keeps on pulling me through

Love never dies

Listen to me, when you lose someone
Don't give up, remember a change is going come
Keep your light shining just like the sun
Because love never dies
Sometimes you got to say bye-bye
Don't you know you're going to get down on your knees and cry
You must realize-
Love never dies


Let me tell you something
Most of us have family members and friends who have passed on
But you know what?
I don't think they would want to see us sitting around here,
Moping and looking all pitiful crying our eyes out
'Cause sooner or later you're gonna have to stop that suga
You're gonna have to buff up, I mean buff up
Beat your face into place
Get back in the race and simply say...


I see it everyday!!!!

It helps me to make it!!


Love never dies