"(The Fire Is Still) Burnin' For You" lyrics - PATTI LABELLE

"(The Fire Is Still) Burnin' For You"
(Eugene Lambchops Curry / Bunny Sigler / Walter Sigler)

I thought that I had gotten over you, but my heart just skipped a beat,
When you walked in that door I knew I had to have you once more.
That's what I'm doing burnin on baby, in my heart for you.
Mmmm I'm yearning, to kiss your lips once more.

I said that I would never let you back in, but it's starting all over again,
Said if you could, I'd like to try it all over again.
Ohhh burn, said that, in my heart for you got me yearnin.

Burnin burnin, ain't nothing gonna put it out,
I thought it was over, but now it's stronger that it's every been.
If this is a dream, I don't want to walk up,
'cause nothing comes to a sleeper, but a dream, I want the real thing,

And you've got aww, you got me burnin burnin burnin burnin burnin,
In my heart for you, got me yearnin.
That means that I will always be your girl, please let me back into your door,
Don't shut the door baby 'cause I don't wanna share my love with no boby else but you