"Graveless" lyrics - PERIPHERY


I've held the knife to my throat for so long
Is it everything I want?
This life feels far away
Is this the time to let go and settle a life below?
Or live another fucking day?
Suffocating in a world of human filth
Yes, pull me under
Stop treading in a pool of your own blood
Accept demise

Let it pour
Bleed it out
Feel as the life drains from within
A smile now rips open and paves a way in my sin

I feel Beelzebub inside me
He's been here all along
Clutching every last ounce of sin from these dried up bones
Please, strike me down
Fuck me...
I can't repent
By by own hands I shall bury my own life


My only love is worlds away
Thy father bless her and repay the breath they stole with all my hate
I drift away now in my sin