"Priestess" lyrics - PERIPHERY


A shadow in these walls
Yeah that is all I am
A prison deep under fortress crowns
Where they spill the blood of man

A second chance at life is all I've dreamed of
For now inside these walls I stay

Sitting far away, I watch the blackness grow
(Never mind what is underneath the stone
It's a life that we're living all alone)
Step out in the rain and feel the deep sorrow
Light is calling from the narrow road

Sometimes kindness speaks in tongues with one of them
I can see love in her eyes
And if I fall, death will never stain one of his hands
I find safety in these lies


The chains are part of me
Stale air is all I breathe down here
I need to find a way
I've gotta find my way far from here
Another chance at life is fading slowly
Upon the cross I burn

[Chorus 2x]