"Totla Mad" lyrics - PERIPHERY

"Totla Mad"
(Chris Barretto / Periphery)

Strip away all the excess components
Unveil a picture one sought to hide
Personalities are like fiction
The derivative truth but with no substance
Violence and hate
Nourishment territory and mate
We are the product of some experiment
While most live in ignorance
Some can't accept

The last thing we see is obsession, depth of insanity

Follow the source into the ground
Feeling all vibration flow inside of you
We create the sound
Like the fathers long before us
We've forgotten how

Sun down
Swiftly a less passive creature emerges
Mark the august steps
We'll shine the way

Still the path remains the same
Some may find their own way

Forever like me, thirst for a pool of consistency

Catch a bug for knowledge and the structure comes down
A counter intuitive attack
Speak no evil and watch it flourish in a current state of madness