"Monumental" lyrics - PETE ROCK

(D. Yates Jr. / P. Phillips)

I let the music talk to me, I reply to the mike,
Tell the engineer record.
He matched me to the track, like the leaves of a tree,
We're beautiful together like the air in the vein,
My problem to the music living for the people,
You can hear our conversation through the speakers.
Test out the ink in my flesh, spend money,
Get money, your boy hasn't done yet.
Dropping in the drop six forty five,
The on, forty five, I'm protesting, shrinks approve,
With many moves, that's me!
I could change the colors in the wind,
My Italian boys bought a boom, bought a bing!
Forget about it!
My work ethic is epic, you don't have to like it but you will respect it!

Celebrate who you are, on top of
Look at your I'm on top of the world.
Anything I want, you know I can get!
Half the life doing it right, empire state
The sky is a limit you know how we did it!
This is for the hustlers, this is for the homies,
Fly to the hood with me!
This is for the soldiers, this is for the writers,
This is looking for my

I'm a scientist, you see the image, I revision where
I'm a novelist, the scholars acknowledge this
You know what it is,
See the feature every time I'm looking at my kids,
Monumental, influential,
She had a do over
The game started,
We trained hard like heavy waves in the garden,
Remain humble to jungle, tear you apart,
When you're tired and in your apartment,
It can happen to you, it can happen to me,
I stay on top of my game, keep it to the streets.
You can hear on repeat,
You can follow my feet.

It's how we're living, sometimes, I'll be in the studio,
Just relax, write lyrics down,
No doubt, I used to run around but never with doubt,
The inspiration of hip hop before I head out.
Rest in peace for Mr. Magic, if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have this.
It's hard to get rid of me like a bad habit,
Your thoughts I can read 'em like X-man.
Embarrassing, Peter is never lasting,
Consider me a high dose for aspirin.
Get off my throne,
I'm in the zone, don't stop me, is like a
I stick and stay true to what's real,
Like the place is right, turn back to spin the wheel,
We rock, keep it around,hip hop for sound,
I make history every single
I'm no clown, I get it in, you already know from the
Niggers act like you know, I'm no clown, I get it in,
You already know