"That's Hard" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"That's Hard"
(D. Yates Jr. / S. Price / D. Styles)

Tek and Steele, what up I Love y'all
I ain't tellin' you that I'm loco brotha
I keep a Tek and a Steele like a Coco Brova
My niggas still Smif 'n' Wessun to me, I'm hard headed
Our couldn't reach me, church boys
I was outside with a gun moving at work boy
What up naught head head some niggers us we can't them

A fried to a seat, so I don't wear rosarie
No crosses, no bible up the front, just survival on my mind
Both spiritual nigger I'm all lyrical
Back I'm the ghost of all miracles
I told them I could stare Medusa they think that I'm high
But I'm really trying to stay in the future and shoot ya, ghost
And down they wanna chase,

'Cause the way I think the chase was a slap in the face
And now we looking like an ass hole, hotter than Tabasco,
Trying to stop the cash flow
But I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow
You wanna get me ears, zero and it's a trap trying to get rich
We got rats and all the kind of bullshit
The slow, for the money shoot

Or they wanna play, for the shit that
Better stop playing in the rations,
Multiply then divide into fractions
Got opportunities to go blowing
Heard a click, chip in the mogul
Shift the feds off tell homie remote cell
Now that's hard

Listen, a lot of whack niggers rapping out when I know why
The rest wanna go try all praises due to Allah no bow tie
Whole families I'm so
Cry now cry later no laughing, cocaine hills in the so
No acting, bond, blow caps back and your whole damn team died
Slave master, I sell white girl,
I don't eat ham motherfucker I'm Mike Earl

Shawn Price, I got the murder flow
Rap president through the world currents blow
You ain't talk about nobody I hold shotties
Upstate New York is where I throw bodies
Nigger now that's hard, fuck out of here
Yeah, I remember when the is hard
Now rap cast singing songs from Bronx

Vinnie or vixens follow the star session
Wanna be a barbie doll Nicki Minaj
What's happening now
We hear that sound, won't be no applause
I don't need no bodyguards but my body is guarded
Body everybody that's in the squad
The bottom line is I'm sick and mature

You're miniature, you're a caricature
I don't listen to your revelation to
Pete told me get the missiles and bombs
Don't get involved with niggers songs
I don't battle rap about war

A boss covered in scars, then covered on palm
And that's hard, that's hard, that's hard
Shawn Price the best rap in this
The west ain't got classic
Shawn Price the best rap in this
The west ain't got classic
Shawn Price the best rap in this
The west ain't got classic