"Phase III" lyrics - PORCUPINE TREE

"Phase III"

[Samples of spoken words of Phase I and II]

The LSD trip is a pilgrimage far out beyond your normal mind, into that risky and revelatory territory which has been explored for thousands of years by mystics and visionary philosophers...

Well, I never think that when I'm 21, I'm 21- I think of tomorrow. or this minute...
And hope there's a tomorrow, 'cause I don't like what's going on in the world.. I'm scared of that, more than drugs. I'm not afraid of them... I'm just... I'm just scared you know?

We're told that perhaps a million Americans, most of them young people, have made the LSD experience part of their lives. Is this a social menance and a 'cause for alarm?

I don't think so. I see nothing less than the speedy evolution of a new, indigenous religion...

I'm just... I'm just scared you know?

Everybody is... pretty uptight... I'm just... I'm just scared... you know?

The LSD religionist knows; that the temple of worship is the human body, that the shrine must be located, not in a public place, but in the privacy of your own home, and that the congregation cannot extend beyond your family and your closest friends...

And then the paintings on the walls were dripping. You know...you could see the paint coming down like this, just like if somebody was hosing it off at the top and all the paint was running down onto the floor. And it was so pretty...they were running. Like they were melting! It was groovy...

It was like a... it was like a massage. It was so... it was so groovy, you can't believe how groovy. It wasn't just water hitting you, taking a shower, soap and out you go, you know, towel off: It was just... oh wow! You know it was like... it was like... it was like a caress.

You know kind of... and you could really feel the hot and the cold. You could feel hot "hot" and cold "cold", you know and... and each little drop that came out was a different one, you know... it wasn't... I don't think the water must mix inside.
It must come out hot and cold or something, 'cos you could feel hot cold hot cold all over you. It was really groovy... I guess... it was... I guess the word for it is sensual... You know just... your body just oh! It grooved!

For psychedelics are stimulators of ideas and feelings, but generally these ideas and feelings would express themselves... constructively rather than violently or destructively.