"Full Blown Meltdown" lyrics - PUP

"Full Blown Meltdown"

Wake up, it was just a feeling
He was emptying the coffers while I was staring at the ceiling
Washed up, or what you wanna call it
Popping the good shit with the boys at the office
How 'bout it?

On the verge of poverty and a full blown meltdown
I'm still a loser, and always will be, so why change now?

Fucked up, oh, who cares anyway?
With one foot in the gutter and the other in the grave
I was thinking, "How long will self-destruction be alluring?"
It's good for business, and baby, business is booming
Isn't that a trip?

I'll be sure to write it down when I hit rock bottom
For all the people who love to fetishize problems
And to tell the truth, I fetishize them too
It's pretty messed up, isn't it?

And make no mistake, I know exactly what I'm doing
I'm just surprised the world isn't sick of grown men whining like children
You shouldn't take it so seriously, it's just music after all
And half the crap I say is just things I've stolen from the bathroom walls of shitty venues across America
And I'm losing interest in self-help
Equally bored of feeling sorry for myself
It's been a couple of days since I've had a full blown meltdown
But I'm still a loser, and always will be, so why change now?

[Instrumental Outro]