"Lay Your Money Down" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"Lay Your Money Down"

So I asked the landlady,
"Do you really think I'm crazy,
Spending my time in here,
Drinking down you watery beer?".
Then she said that "Life's too short
To spend your time wrapped in worried thought.
Oh come on and drink up dear.
And lay your money down,
And lay your money down".

But I said "Well there must be more"
When some man said he fought in the war
For me and I was ungrateful
He said "Gimme another drink Mable
For all those good times then".
And Mable said "You can say that again".
And they did 'till they were unable.
They laid their money down,
They just laid their money down.

Come on and lay your money down
Come on and lay your money down.

Oh then in the following silence
I tried very hard to make sense.
Of the things that the man did say
When he turned and quickly walked away.
All he said was "Time is money, Oh I've got to go now" and I thought
"That's funny did he really risk his life for me?"
Or just lay his money down,
He just lay his money down...