"Old Brown Dog" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"Old Brown Dog"

That old brown dog sleeps in the rain
Unless the sun has shone
That old brown dog is all alone
Since Old Bill been gone
And sleeping in the rain
Only gives a dog a bad name
If Bill were alive
Well I know he would decide
To have the same thing done

That old brown dog he smells so bad
Say the people from the town
That old brown dog is almost lame
Someone should put him down
It would be an act of kindness
You know it's for the best
You bring a rope, bring a gun
And it'll all be over
Before the dog can guess

Could an old brown dog have become wise
Guessed they were all after him
His hearing was failing, and his eyes
Were fast growing dim
On the day they came to kill him
He sensed a rabbit on a log
Did anybody see a rabbit
Chased across the meadows
By an old brown dog

That old brown dog, tail wagging
As he laid himself down
It did not seam to matter
That the rabbit had long gone to ground
And there in the summer heat
His old heart ceased to beat
And high above the meadow
The skylarks singing
As the spark went out