"One-Way Ticket" lyrics - RICHARD & MIMI FARINA

"One-Way Ticket"

I'm leaving California, baby, turning my body all brown


They got that integrated sunshine and they don't want you hanging around.

Give me a highway to walk on and a road I can use to lie down


They're coming, 12,000 Hondas and a Cobra gonna shake up the ground.

You're going down to the ocean and the swimming's nearly obsolete


They got surfers up above you, they got frogmen nibbling at your feet

I woke up this morning and my hair was turning to blonde


My eyebrows were longer and my cool disposition was gone

I'm leaving California, riding on an eastbound train


..., plow through the snow and rain

Well they roll you in the morning, they roll you through the day and night


They got a game called Sausalito and they play it in the broad daylight