"The Siege" lyrics - RICK WAKEMAN

"The Siege"

Run, run looking for a place
Looking for a place to hide your face
Feelings all hidden inside your heart

With a well tuned love receiver
It's not easy to deceive her
Under siege the timer's set to start

Slow fuse moving
Let the passion burn
Don't let the flame go out
It won't relight

Here we go
Sound battle stations
Line up soldiers, fight for love

Sound the trumpet
Victory in sight

Under siege with arrows
Firing love all over the fortresses defending divine right
To fight for love
And love

Love under fire
All hope eternal wounded
But my pain is not forever
Forever more
Now my love

Under siege retreating
Keep the love heart beating
Its drum defying all that you hate

Shout out for a real love
Find a place for real love
A place that never ever wants for fear to conquer

Morning glory
Taste the fruits of victory
Life has won the war of love

Battle over
No more time for hatred
Just goodness coming from above

The fuse expiring
Leaving love fires burning
And heating all the passion inside with love
With love.