"I'll See You Again" lyrics - ROY HARPER

"I'll See You Again"

No good pretending girl
You were for spending
The rest of your days round my neck
Well I'm not that strong
And my time isn't long
And my love isn't something to wreck
I wish we could share
But you'll never be there (with me)
Having those kids with one man
Milk his frustration
And get his submission
And weep and wear black when he's gone

Well I'll see you again by accident
Or maybe I'll see you again
I'm feeling the reasons for why I went
Like mountains between now and then
I wanted to help, but I couldn't stay
And I flew, what else could I do?
I needed to stop you from falling in love that way
I didn't have it for you
No way No way (that way)

I left you stony
With dreams cold and bony

I know how it feels, I've been there
I was your only
You fault you're so lonely
A face with a permanent stare
And all I was wanting was friends and good hunting
But you want my soul behind bars
Well love isn't jealous or bitchy and callous
She's here for us all and she's ours

Well I'll see you again by...