"Twelve Hours Of Sunset" lyrics - ROY HARPER

"Twelve Hours Of Sunset"

Sweeping skies and breezey greens, can maybe show us what it means,
To feel the worlds, imagination.
I'll come and see you yesterday, we'll close our eyes and drift away,
Can we be real, without escaping?

Twelve hours of sunset, six thousand miles.
Illusions and movies, far away smiles.
Twelve hours of sunset, half a day in the skies,
I'll see you tomorrow, as the steel crow flies...
...oh...how time flies...

I used to think I wasn't mad, but now I know its all I had,
Can hope be lost, or only seeming.
Now that time's turned into space, there's no time to check the pace,
And no-one cares, except for dreaming, (dream...)

Twelve hours of sunset, twilight sublime,
Be with you tomorrow, backwards in time.
...oh...how time flies...