"I'm Not Going Out Like That" lyrics - RUN-D.M.C.

"I'm Not Going Out Like That"

Crime, time, now I get mine
Climb, do find, wine and just dine
Make, break, ill and just take
Fate, for gods sake, I rake for that stake
Crack, whack, smack you right back
Back you might lack, Jack you fight crack
Cry, lie, do or just die
Live positive and give and that's why

Didn't hear me and you knew it
I praise MCs, so get to it
You want floor talk, and you're tryin
I taught one more, 'cause you're dyin
Your place, race, chase, and I see it
And now drive about, and I mean it
I can soar kick, and you saw it
The crowd proud and loud, and all for it
Grim sin is wrong, so don't do it
Win friend, a song, and you blew it
I knew the time is right, so I wrote it
Here's the hook, look, so just hold it

Coming all the time, and time, and that's whether
You, your crew, knew whatever
I did done, do, I 'miss clever
I'll come again, and win, and you'll never
See a man like me, your idol
So joke, smoke, toke this title
The rhyme is mine, fine, and so vital
It's time for me to rock a rectial
Gonna tell ya about a groove that's comin
From the heart, your part just one in a million
All you will be bummin
So check the time, the rhyme, it comes from in
Side your brain, it remain, so just keep it
Plain, same, the frame, so just keep it
Look, see and check, but never stop it
The hook comes next, so Jay drop it

Gotta go Joe, ya know,
To the T-O-P and see D, you know, we know
The way today, I say I'm not a Leo
The king is D, and Jay the Scorpio
The sign of mine is wild, keep grinnin
This half-style is wild, and I'm winnin
Roll, stroll, control and I'm coolin
The king of rock and roll, and I'm rulin
I rock, shock, get stopped, and I'm droppin
I pop hip-hop, I'm hip-hoppin
Receive a G for Lee, while I'm throwin
It's D, ya see, it's me, I'm not goin

Munch, crunch us, you gotta take us out, we're hotter
Team is mean, a lotta work involved, we're smarter
Dee, Jay, Run, no jokin, hot as hell, we're smokin
Punks rough toughs, we're yokin, news is crude, are chokin
Out like that, not going in like men, we're growin
Chance to dance, not blowing, go to show, don't roll in
Don't you know, we're sayin, here to show, not playin
Here's the jam, respect it, time to end, THIS RECORD!